Points of Departure: Works 2004 - 2009

by Mark Harris

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"Points of Departure: Works 2004 - 2009" is a collection of some of Mark Harris's earliest experiments in composition. Originally having concentrated on programing abstract generative animations (compositions which once started would run indefinitely without repeating). Mark gradually incorporated audio elements into these pieces which gradually became dominate, until he began to view the audio elements as stand alone pieces in their own right...

The main compositional device used in "Points of Departure: Works 2004 - 2009" is "phasing", a technique Mark first became aware of when discovering the work of Minimalist composers (particularly the work of Steve Reich) when he was at college. "Phasing" is where two (or more) musical phrase's of unequal length are looped, so on each repetition they gradually slip out of synch with each other producing a constantly changing sound field.

In these pieces, however, the loop's run at a considerably slower rate. By using granular synthesis techniques of time stretching, pitch shifting and the digital morphing of the resultant elements together. He has created gradually evolving immersive pieces which (to quote Brain Eno) "Create Music intended to induce calm and a space to think."



released January 24, 2011



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